After placing your order, payment details will be sent to your mail, by which you can make a payment.

Types of payments: Btc, Bank Transfer

Payment details are valid for 2 hours from the moment of placing the order!
If the payment is delayed, place the order again or check the details on
mail iroids@protonmail.com

Proof of payment:
After payment you need to answer the letter you received
after placing your order or write to us at iroids@protonmail.com:

  • The exact amount of your payment;
  • Your order number;
  • Payment time.

Courier delivery with tracking number within European Union:

  • XS (20kg 7,5x18x60cm) 30€ till 20 kg
  • S (20kg 7,5x43x60cm) 32 € till 20 kg
  • M (20kg 17x43x60cm) 40 € till 20 kg
  • L (20kg 36x43x60cm) 45 € till 20 kg
  • XL (31,5kg 175x175x175cm) 55 € till 31,5 kg

Post delivery within Europe Union with tracking number:

  • XS (1 kg 7,5x18x60cm) 15€
  • S (1,5 kg 7,5x43x60cm) 20 €
  • M (2 kg 17x43x60cm) 30€
  • L (3 kg 36x43x60cm) 40€